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Predictive modeling

Algorithms capable of identifying purchasing trends, user loyalty, loss of stock, downloads of your app, etc. In short, useful insights to retain and prevent your customers from going to the competition.

CNN Technology

Online behavior predictive models

The behavior of your users is predictable. Generally, people carry out similar behaviors that are easily categorizable.

Our algorithms allow us to classify, label and automate recommendation, and optimize CRM .

Make your data
sell for you

Behavioral model training is unique to each client and type of project. Sometimes it will be convenient to feed the data source with other external sources to create more robust models. The use of one methodology or another will depend on the type of project and the final predictive objective. Whenever possible, models are retrained 3-6 months after launch.

We also offer the option to train and host models in our cloud, allowing you to access them via API calls over the web.

Make your data
sell for you
  • Increase in turnover
  • Higher user retention
  • Personalized offers according to your target
  • Estimation and avoidance of stock losses


Machine Learning Algorithms


The accuracy of behavioral models varies enormously depending on the dataset analyzed. Except for special cases, we will never deliver models with an accuracy lower than 72% – 75%.

The methodology may also vary depending on the project, and the quantity/quality of the client’s data. In this way, we will study whether it is convenient to use artificial intelligence or traditional machine learning techniques (decision trees, multivariate models, etc…).


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