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Web Scraping

Web Scrapping is a very useful technique for Revenue Management and pricing strategies (among others), which allows you to keep up to date with your competition’s movements and offer you relevant insights in real time.


Extract anything
from any website.

We directly attack the source code of the page you want to analyze and we track the elements of your interest (texts, prices, images, offers, reviews, etc…). 

We export it in an Excel, CSV or PowerBI so you can work with it easily.

Extract prices, products, whatever…

Analyze market prices and change your strategy in real time. Know the latest reviews of your competitors, or the number of new products added their ecommerce. Know the price of a certain stock in real time, or simply extract the information you want from any website, structured in Excel or CSV tables.

Extract prices, products, whatever…
  • Analysis of market prices
  • Competitor analysis
  • Increase in turnover
  • Modifications of your website in real time (automated)
  • Learn about the increase in positive ratings on competitor websites


Easy to use data.

Read it in Excel, CSV, Dashboard..

Receive your information every day in a simple format with which you usually work. Imagine being able to access information from 10 different websites without having to go in every day to check it, write it down manually and make decisions.

Some platforms automatically block external spiders, preventing them from accessing the web to extract information. Although there are ways to avoid it, we prefer not to carry out these techniques and respect the internal decisions of each company.

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