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Power Bi & Tableau

Integrate multiple sources and create custom dashboards for your business. Metrics, formulas and graphs developed specifically for your target.

BI Technology

Custom Dashboards and BI Tools

Integrate excels, internal and external data sources, public or private APIs, and practically what you need.

+90% of the clients who hired us for a Business Intelligence project contacted us again in the same year to develop an additional one.

From raw data to powerful insights

We analyze your business with robust statistical techniques and capture the results in dynamic dashboards, adapted to the different teams in your company.

Configurable and editable without having technical knowledge. Receive alerts every morning, set up automatic reports, customize customer management lists (CRM), analyze your sales in real time…

From raw data to powerful insights
  • Know everything you need with two clicks
  • Receive alerts in your email
  • Automatic reports every morning
  • Integrate dozens of data sources
  • Get actionable insights


Tell stories,
with data.

Save time

Recent studies estimate that business intelligence tools such as Power Bi, Tableau or Looker will save between 250 – 300 hours per year and employee due to the ease of consulting urgent data, accessing information quickly and relating insights.

In the past, employees built their reports primarily with complex Excel spreadsheets. They had to get the appropriate data, manually merge it into tables, and then calculate and visualize key figures.

Now the game has changed.

All your data
in the same place

Get started on your
next-gen project