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Speech & Voice Recognition

Artificial intelligence capable of transcribing words, identifying the meaning and emotion of sentences, responding and analyzing interests.

ANN Technology

Human-machine conversation

Design your own algorithm that mimics human behavior, in particular the ability to speak naturally and respond appropriately to your consumer’s needs or questions.

Interpret almost 
any language.

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) is one of the oldest applications of artificial intelligence that work with human input allowing the technology to react to inserted text or a human voice.

ASR is highly effective in preventing fraud, verifying identities, or developing specific sales skills such as phone bots.

Interpret almost 
any language.
  • Hands Free Technology
  • Digital personal assistants
  • Custom recomendations
  • Increase in billing
  • Security


Integration with the main assistants

360º Businesses

Develop your solution and integrate it with the main assistants on the market: Google Assistant, Alexa, Apple HomePod… Allow your consumers to be interconnected with your business whenever they want.

Your algorithms will be professionalized and adapted to each consumer as they are used over time.

Its use continues to grow year after year with thousands of applications in emerging businesses.

Clean audio, eliminating background noise, which favors its analysis.

Clear voices,
no noise

Get started on your
next-gen project